Teacher Training: Entrepreneurship in the Classroom


Entrepreneurship Curriculum

and Teacher Training for Innovative Schools

Looking for ways to reach struggling kids in your classrooms?

Then this is perfect for you!


what it is

eDiscovery Challenge is a curriculum-based initiative designed to teach entrepreneurial skills and business development in the classroom.

We provide a 1-day, on-location training where teachers are trained to use the curriculum alongside the content areas they teach. After completing the training, teachers are able to use the curriculum in the classroom the next day. Once trained, the teachers can use the curriculum in the classroom each year making this initiative sustainable.

The teacher serves as a coach or mentor as the students take charge in this self-directed learning style. As students work through the nine sessions of the curriculum, they develop products or services to sell at a school or community event. Working in teams, students develop for-profit and non-profit businesses.

This curriculum was developed for middle school students but has been adapted and used with great success in classrooms as young as Kindergarten.


what’s included

When you purchase eDiscovery Challenge Entrepreneurship Curriculum, you receive:

  • One-day on-site training by two eDiscovery Challenge trainers

  • Full 9-session curriculum to use in the classroom


  1. Contact us through our contact page here.

  2. A specialist will reach out to you within 48 hours to discuss your specific needs.

  3. We will schedule a convenient day for us to come to your school for a teacher training.

  4. We will hold a 5-hour training for your teachers where they will receive the curriculum and everything they need to know to implement it in the classroom.

  5. Your teachers begin using the curriculum and you see students come to life!


Starting at $2,000 for two trainers including:

Maria Wright